STAGE & Diversity Initiative Tackle Gender Stereotypes in Sadie Hawkins Ball

Camilla Bianchi, ‘19

As we move further and further away from this year’s Valentine’s Day, most of us are getting back to our sad, lonely, sleep-deprived lives as BHSEC students. But not so fast! There is one other thing that we can all look forward to, something to let us celebrate and enjoy something other than Netflix and Lockean philosophy…  I’m talking about the Sadie Hawkins Dance on March 2nd. This event is the product of the collaboration between STAGE and the Diversity Initiative, specifically between STAGE’s social media coordinator (Eliya Ahmad) and the DI’s Social Engagement Committee (Elisa Colon, Camilla Bianchi, Shannon Khuu, Nicole Gutierrez, and Chantia Murphy).  

The Sadie Hawkins Dance has been organized by schools across the country for years and has a very interesting story behind it. Sadie Hawkins was a young girl who couldn’t seem to find a husband; her father decided to hold Sadie Hawkins Day to help her in her search. The day consisted of a contest in which a group of young men had to run from Sadie, and whomever was caught would become her husband. This story was adapted to schools as a dance in which girls ask boys to the dance, a course of action that is often perceived as an attempt to break gender stereotypes. Nonetheless, there are still a few problematic ideas behind the dance, which the DI and STAGE are attempting to address!

The main idea that the DI and STAGE have decided to defy is the dance’s heteronormativity, which is why for the BHSEC Sadie Hawkins girls can ask boys, boys can ask boys, girls can ask girls, people can ask people, anything except boys asking girls! Of course, the story behind the dance is also problematic. People asking others to the dance is not trying to steal their freedom, and hopefully the people being asked will not feel the need to run away! Finally, something individuals have expressed concern about is the asking concept, but people do not need a date to attend! Bring your friend, your sibling, your dog (just kidding, I don’t know how that would work out), just bring you!

The event will be filled with food, decorations, music, fun, and anything else you might want, so don’t miss out! The leaders of the DI and STAGE are extremely excited to be hosting BHSEC’s first Sadie Hawkins Ball, and it certainly will not be the last!


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