An Ivy League Success

Evan Farley ‘20

Over Regents week, the BHSEC Manhattan Model United Nations team took its annual trip to Philadelphia for the 34th iteration of the Ivy League Model United Nations Conference, known as ILMUNC. Fifteen students and three chaperones, Dr. Clark, Mr. Mikesh, and Mr. Ducett, traveled together to the conference hosted by the University of Pennsylvania to explore the world of international diplomacy and fun, as well as represent the Republic of Portugal. But the conference did not just simulate a global gathering, students traveled from Florida, Peru, El Salvador, and even Australia to join over 3,000 motivated students at ILMUNC. Even in the face of such fierce adversity, the BHSEC Model United Nations team showed it was able to thrive. Nine of the students won awards, an admirable achievement at such a prestigious conference. Victoria Mui (10th) and Sinziana Stanciu (10th) received Verbal Accommodation for their work in the Environmental and Financial Affairs Council. Chris Stauffer (Y2) and Max Shatan (Y2) received an Honorable Mention for their contribution to the United Nations Special Summit on Technology. Declan Gunn (9th) and Sarah Livison (10th) won an Outstanding Delegate award, or second place, for their handiwork in the Special Political and Decolonization Committee. Stasya Rodionova (Y2) and Oliver Tockman (Y2) also won an Outstanding Delegate award for their efforts in the Legal Committee. And most impressively, Maya Rubin (Y2) won best delegate, or first place, for her service in the Pacific Alliance. This is the most awards BHSEC has ever won at ILMUNC. Chris Stauffer (Y2), the Under Secretary of Finance for the team, ended ILMUNC thrilled with the progress, “I am so proud of the delegation that represented BHSECM. It is truly symbolic of everything we stand for and work towards. As Max Shatan (Y2), the Secretary General of the team noted, “Sweet!” Despite the joy of all of these victories, the team will unfortunately be losing many of its Y2s who have participated in ILMUNC for many years. But this did not dampen the spirits of the students, “I could not have asked for a better last conference” said Stauffer, “and in the years to come, I know the club will only get better.”

BHSEC_s Model UN team at the 2018 Ivy League Model United Nations Conference (Photo Credit_ Dr. Clark)
BHSEC’s Model UN team at the 2018 Ivy League Model United Nations Conference (Photo Credit: Dr. Clark)

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