Tramezzini REVIEW

Camilla Bianchi, ’19

I visited the new sandwich shop on Houston street called Tramezzini, ordered two sandwiches, and reviewed my experience.

The shop is a fifteen-minute walk from school on Houston street, so I would say that it is convenient to go to after school, however, it might be too far to get food from during a free period. As I entered the shop I was welcomed by the smell of freshly made bread and a variety of delicious foods and fillings. The shop is small and only has enough space for a few stools and a counter where people can eat their sandwiches and hang out. However, its size does not stop it from providing a welcoming and somewhat fancy environment. The room is split in half, one half with baby blue walls and the other half with a white brick wall. The blue walls are filled with sketches of Venice, including famous monuments and streets. Wooden shelves are scattered across the room, containing old oil bottles. Giant light bulbs decorate the ceiling, hanging from long strings, giving the restaurant that warm, cozy, and fancy tumblr room feeling. Overall, the restaurant mixes a modern and antique style, making the environment homey and stylish at the same time.

I ordered the Vegan Love sandwich, with tomatoes, baked eggplants, pickled mushrooms, pickled sweet peppers, mustard, red pepper sauce, and fresh soy milk mayo; and tuna & balsamic baby onions sandwich, with steamed yellow tuna in olive oil, balsamic pickled pearls onions, fresh mayo, and black pepper. I payed $6.50, which is the usual price for a sandwich with the 15% student discount. The Vegan Love sandwich was amazing, the flavors mixed together nicely providing a perfect balance between sweet and savory. The tune & balsamic baby onions sandwich, on the other hand, was not as great. The sandwich was too dry in my opinion and it lacked salt. The sandwiches were served with potato chips and a decorative flower which I appreciated. Therefore, I would 100% recommend the vegan sandwich, and I would advise you to try something different than the tuna & balsamic baby onions sandwich.

Overall, I’m giving a 3.5/5 rating to Tramezzini. Although the Vegan Love sandwich was amazing and the sandwiches are only $6.50 which is actually a very good price for NYC, especially in Manhattan, there were a few issues. The location is too far to visit during lunch, which does not make it convenient for Bard students. In addition, the tuna sandwich, like I already mentioned, was not great. I would advise everyone to still visit the shop to form their own opinion.

Houston street_s newest sandwich shop, Tramezzini (photo credit_ Tanzim Ahmed, ‘18)
Houston street’s newest sandwich shop, Tramezzini (photo credit: Tanzim Ahmed, ‘18)

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