Another Major W for BHSEC Manhattan at BMUNC

Evan Farley, ’20

The Bard Manhattan Model UN team crushed the competition at the Bard Model United Nations Conference (BMUNC) on Saturday, November 11. With students from BHSEC-M winning first place in four out of the five committees, no competing school came close to doing as well. Thanks to the advisorship of Dr. Clark and the chaperoning of Mr. Weber, students from BHSEC-M were recognized for their outstanding public speaking skills and diplomacy. Notable schools bested include BHSEC Queens and BHSEC Cleveland. This was the sixth year in the row that BHSEC-M has triumphed at BMUNC, although this year there was no official recognition of the feat through a prestigious best large delegation award. Max Shatan (Y2), the Secretary General of the BHSEC-M team, was overjoyed by the success. In a post conference team talk, Shatan gave a speech. “Despite the cold weather,” he said, commenting on the sub-freezing temperatures that the delegation endured “you guys were hot out there.” The team was warmed by these remarks. Maya Rubin (Y2), the Under Secretary General, echoed her delight in the team’s performance: “It was fun and we all did well,” she said before brushing off further questions. While this was the last BMUNC for the Y2s, Shatan remains optimistic about the future of the team. “We have some very bright youngsters who can keep up the tradition of dominating BMUNC for years to come.”

BHSEC's Model UN Team Takes Home Another Win! (Photo Credit_ Jonah Warner, '18)
BHSEC’s Model UN Team Takes Home Another Win! (Photo Credit: Jonah Warner, ’18)

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