Writing and Thinking

Camilla Bianchi, ‘19

During the first few days of school, BHSEC students once again gathered in the annual Writing and Thinking workshops. During Writing and Thinking, students from different grades are mixed up in classrooms where assigned teachers conduct workshops. These workshops capture the essence of BHSEC in days filled with, hence the name, a whole lot of writing and thinking. These days are also meant to give students, especially ninth graders, a chance to ease back into school routine and meet new people.

This year’s workshops lasted three days, which was a big change from last year’s five days of Writing and Thinking. For the most part, students seemed relieved by the shortened period, as last year many were upset about what seemed like an unreasonable length for Writing and Thinking. In addition, the length of this year’s Writing and Thinking did not affect its impact; Marufa, Y1, says, “Writing and thinking was short and sweet. We did a lot of things in three days and it changed me as a person.”

The theme of this year’s Writing and Thinking was “Product and Process,” which seems extremely relevant to our life as developing young adults in high school. The workshops explored this theme in countless different ways, using the anthology that was assembled by the school’s faculty. The anthology includes a variety of texts, from poetry, to scientific papers, to fiction. Anwen, Y1, says, “I enjoyed the anthology this year, focusing on process and progress and I think it certainly applies to our personal lives, and our lives as a community.” Each teacher is given freedom as to how to explore this theme, which is what allows every workshop to be challenging in a unique way. Many of the works in the anthology tackled the idea that the process more important than the product obtained. They challenged students to look beyond the product, and to think of the long and difficult process that formed it. The workshops also discussed the idea that we, as high school students, are in the midst of our process. We are not the finished product yet; we are undergoing an extremely long and challenging process here at BHSEC, and this process will continue, and when it will end is extremely subjective.

This year’s Writing and Thinking was especially important to the Y2’s, as it will be their last one here at BHSEC. Oresta, Y2, reflects on her experience, “It was a bittersweet way of realizing that I’m finally a Year 2. Suddenly I’m the upperclassman that I used to be awed by when I was a freshman.” We all use Writing and Thinking to compare ourselves throughout the years. We think back to when we were intimidated ninth graders scared and excited for the four years ahead. And now we are suddenly upperclassmen about to leave BHSEC, thinking of everything that we will have to leave behind.

Writing and Thinking was a smooth beginning to the year. Hopefully it opens a great year for everyone! Good luck to all students and faculty. Have an amazing 2017-2018!

Writing and Thinking. (Collage Credit: Oresta Hewryk, ’18)

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