Saying Goodbye to the Old WiFi

Lily Mullan, ‘19

On September 26th, all BHSEC students received an email from Dr. Lerner announcing that the school’s WiFi was being revoked due to the router’s overuse.

The email stated that more than six hundred devices had been connected to the school’s network, and that, “our network was not designed to handle this level of traffic.” The school WiFi was not only overloaded with devices, but also slower because of the use of streaming services. The line was crossed when the slow internet began to cause classroom disruptions, forcing the school to implement this new WiFi policy.

This change has forced students to modify their daily school routines. They are no longer able to watch Netflix and listen to Spotify on the WiFi, and they are only allowed to access non-streaming services in limited areas, such as the library and computer lab. Instances of overcrowding in these areas can be seen during certain periods throughout the day, however, despite this inconvenience, students are adapting to the new policy.

As of now, there are no plans to reinstate the previous policy, which has enraged a large amount of students. Many have become frustrated with the limited WiFi accessible areas in the school, and this has proven to be an issue. Some faced problems when trying to type notes in classes, and others were upset by the WiFi access being taken away from the cafeteria. On the other hand, some students understand why the former policy has been replaced, and remain content with the new one. Only time may tell how this policy will play out in the long run.


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