Guide to Bardvark Op-Eds

Eli Frankel, ‘18

Everyone has opinions, but few people want to share them, and even fewer have a platform for doing so. Well, at least for the time you are a student at BHSEC, this is your platform. Here are a few notes that can improve your op-ed writing for the Bardvark.

  1. Have a clear message that you believe is important and valuable to BHSEC students.

The purpose of an op-ed is to express an opinion and either start a debate or add something to an existing debate. That’s especially true for student newspapers. Since BHSEC students are all very busy, the articles you write should be aimed at that overworked and overstressed audience.

  1. Get to your point.

Bardvark op-eds are generally 500-800 words. Articles usually begin with a small hook or news peg and continue into the argument. Because we are all so busy, it’s important that BHSEC readers know your subject and your argument without having to venture all the way to the end of the article. Try to organize your article around one central idea that can be summed up in one or two sentences, and give readers a taste of that central idea early in the article.

  1. Research.

Don’t be like the president. Make sure your argument is supported by fact. If you can, try to send your sources to your editor so everything can be fact-checked.



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