Year 2 Reflection

Alejandro Schmieder, ‘17

It was the final stretch. It was the last 9 months of high school. It was senior year—no, Y2 year—and then complete and utter freedom. Of course, I underestimated those words. There was much more to my final year at BHSEC than just time.

Why don’t we start with the hell that we Y2s were all involved in: the college process. Although I can’t completely reflect on the college process because I was admitted early decision, a binding application plan, and therefore experienced less than half of its true terror, I can still comment on it.

Writing a plethora of personal essays was stressful, to say the least. The essays were certainly insightful to me, as I had never thought of myself in a form that could be encapsulated in an essay, but it was demeaning to know that I would only just become a number in a stack of applications. But once I submitted my Common App essay and supplement and received that confirmation email, my stress subsided—only to bubble up and begin frothing again around December. I’m really fortunate that I didn’t have to experience the regular application process, simply because I’m an impatient person, but the many students that do are dedicated and courageous and should be admired for their tenacity.

Anyway, I don’t really want to talk about college anymore, so let’s reflect on the rest of Y2 year.

I have to say, a lot of my decisions this year were… disappointing. I chose to challenge myself with some of the most rigorous classes, namely Calculus II and Physics with Calculus. I did this to stay on top of myself, while also learning valuable information that would absolutely transfer over to my actual college career in science. This time, instead of underestimating myself, I overestimated myself: I didn’t believe I would contract senioritis, but after I was admitted to college, my relief encouraged me to relax.

On top of that, I remained present in many of my extracurricular activities. I continued to play tennis (although I did miss many games just because I didn’t want to), attended student union meetings (I probably missed about 75% of the meetings this year—sorry Ms. Powell!), and performed research at a museum (I didn’t miss any of the important meetings, I promise!).

But I was able to relax and hang out with friends like never before, who have completely subjected themselves to the senior slump. Experiencing an almost stress-free career at BHSEC (this is unique to the last few days of my final semester, sorry 9th graders!) would have been inconceivable for me last year as a Y1, but I did it.

Illustration credit: Annalivia Balaban, ‘18

Although there have been many cons along my journey here, I think the pros outweigh them, and I’m especially proud to say that I’ll be graduating with more than 60 college credits and an Associate’s degree. I’m counting the days until graduation; this is the real final stretch.


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