BHSEC Student Liked, Respected

Max Shatan, ‘18

As a small party on Manhattan’s Upper West Side drew to a close, a group of New York City high schoolers were in awe of what they had just witnessed. “He just sat in my parent’s bedroom and read the whole time,” gushed Alex Griffith, currently a junior at Trinity. He was, of course, referring to Eli Nussbaum, enrolled as a sophomore at BHSEC Manhattan. This remarkable young man had arrived 45 minutes late to Griffith’s house, openly mocked all in attendance, and spent the evening attempting to unplug the home stereo. “I asked him if he wanted to dance,” raved Catherine Depuy, a sophomore at Millennium, “and he just pretended he didn’t hear me and walked away. He seems really cool.” But the acclaim didn’t end there; the callous, overworked, and incredibly aloof Nussbaum also garnered praise from the host’s mother. “When I got home, Eli was arranging all my books by the Dewey Decimal Classification, and muttering that I was a vapid and disgusting waste of space. Sweet kid.” With these kinds of reviews, it doesn’t take a genius to see that Nussbaum will be climbing to the top of the social ladder in no time.  “Social events don’t really interest me,” said Nussbaum, unprompted and dripping with contempt. “I don’t think I “mesh” well with most “people” my “age” or whatever.” “Someone like me.”



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