BHSEC Bleeds: Students Donate Blood in Annual Blood Drive

Eli Frankel, ‘18

This Valentine’s Day, BHSEC hearts did beat a little faster. However, that fast heartbeat was not the result of love; it was the result of lowered blood pressure. Nineteen students gave their blood this Valentine’s Day during BHSEC’s thirteenth annual blood drive. Before donating blood, donors were first asked to verify that they were older than 16 years old. After signing a standard consent form, NY Blood Center employees found the height, weight, blood pressure, and blood type of each prospective donor. Between weight and blood pressure requirements, limitations based on travel history, and other health issues, some students left the donation truck with as much blood as when they entered.

This year’s blood drive was organized by the BHSEC Student Union and Student Activities Director Christie Powell. Y1 SU representative Maya Rubin was happy with the success of the blood drive. In her opinion, “too many people were turned away, but it was still a success.” Next year, Rubin says she hopes to extend the BHSEC blood drive over several days in order to give more students the opportunity to donate blood.

Donated blood is taken by the NY Blood Center to storage facilities, where they are kept until the blood center reallocates blood to local hospitals and treatment centers. Blood is used in these hospitals for everything from surgeries to blood transfusions to treating blood diseases and helping cancer patients. With that in mind, students who donated blood were able to leave the donation bus with a sense of satisfaction. One first-time student donor, Max Shatan, Y1, said the process “was a little painful,” but he “knew that it was worth it [to give blood] because [he] was helping someone else down the line.”



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