How​ are the Freshmen Adjusting?

Brianna Morales, ‘20

Ninth grade is a difficult time for students. Coming from a school where you knew everyone to one where you don’t know anyone is hard. New teachers and the BHSEC curriculum can also be stressful. Although this is true, many students can find solace in their favorite class or teacher. Gigi, 9th, says, “School has been fun and interesting so far. I especially like Professor Kylie’s class because he makes it very interesting”. Lance, 9th ,shares that he used to sit alone during lunch, but eventually he made friends that he hangs out with all the time. Other students like Zainab, 9th, and Zoha, 9th, said the part of the week they like the best is advisory, which is a nice relaxing period after a hectic week and a place where they can meet their classmates.

Although a few students are enjoying the experience, others have concerns. This makes sense, especially with the transition into a new school. Some freshmen are having issues with the way the teachers do things at BHSEC while others are having personal concerns. One freshman said that she is not used to certain teaching methods since they are very different from her old school. Dwayne, 9th, has an issue with the online homework. To him, it is just easier to have written homework. Furthermore, Sumya, 9th, said she isn’t managing the workload as much as she would like.

These are probably common issues, but it’s important not to forget that there are numerous places to get help. The school has the Math and Science Center, the Writing Center, and tutoring opportunities with teachers. Freshman year will be an adjustment, but everyone will find their place in BHSEC.


BHSEC freshman study in the library. Photo credit: Emma Bally


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