Warm Welcomes and Heartfelt Goodbyes

Madison Fernandez, ‘17

The new school year has BHSEC students saying hello to a large number of new faculty and staff. This semester, we are welcoming:

Mary DiLucia – English

Kinga Novak – Spanish and Social Studies

Jonathan Goya – Biology

Stacie Millman – Guidance

Kara Goldstein – Special Education

Yuriy Zavlanov – Science Lab Technician

Joseph Gubbay- Criminal Law through Literature Elective

Ruth Dresdner- Reading the Built Environment Elective

We would also like to welcome back Professor Mazie, who is returning after a year and a half after being on sabbatical to write his book, and then on child care leave.

We have also said goodbye to a number of faculty members, including Professor Martin and Professor Vartorella, who have retired, Professor Marion, who has taken a position at Stone Barns, and Professor Burleigh, who is completing her dissertation and is continuing her position as an adjunct elsewhere.

In future issues, we will be highlighting each of the new staff and faculty members in their own Teacher Feature. Until then, make sure to give them all a warm BHSEC welcome!



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