Holiday Gift Guide

Marufa Kasham, ‘19

With winter comes what you can call “the most wonderful time of the year.” Frankly, it can be quite the opposite. BHSEC students celebrate a variety of holidays, and it in the midst of homework, and the extra workload teachers insist on giving to complete the particular unit before the break, selecting a gift could be the last thing on your mind, or maybe the first. There are two types of people: the ones who shop for everything a month before, and have no worries when the day comes around, and the ones who think about it more and more as every day pasts because they haven’t even stepped foot inside a shop with the prospect of getting a gift. This article is for the latter category.

Shaving/Grooming Kits: These gifts are great for a spectrum of reasons. Shaving kits can be for your little brother who’s growing his first hairs; maybe it’s for your guy friend who’s growing out his beard because he thinks the cute girls dig it, and while it looks good on some people, it’s just not for him. However, if your dad’s beard suits him, a grooming kit would make sure it stays nice and tidy.

Lokai Bracelet: Lokai bracelets are cute accessories for all genders. Each bracelet has a black bead containing mud from the Dead Sea, and a white bead containing water from Mount Everest, “elements from the highest and lowest points on Earth.” It’s supposed to symbolic of the highest and lowest points of life, a reminder of hope. Anyone could use hope in their life. [It costs $18 according to their website]

Concert Tickets: Who doesn’t like music? This is a present that guarantees your friend’s love. Although there isn’t many popular shows this coming December, 2016 have many upcoming tours of many popular artists, such as Twenty One Pilots, Selena Gomez, Ellie Goulding, Muse, 5 Seconds of Summer, and Janet Jackson. Maybe this gift isn’t very inexpensive for those on a budget, but memories with your besties are worth so much more.

Broadway Tickets: This present is for your theater friends, the ones who are clueless about the Billboard Top Ten, but can recite full scenes from Grease. Although the beloved Hamilton is sold out, the top ten most popular shows include The Lion King, The Book of Mormon, The Phantom of the Opera, Aladdin, Wicked, Les Miserables, Something Rotten!, Matilda, and School of Rock—The Musical.

Albums: Today’s technology has us downloading the newest music onto our phones with a single tap, but there’s something more intimate about having a physical copy, reading the paper lyric booklet, as well as the artist’s acknowledgements, and listening to it on your mom’s decade-­old CD player. Some of the hottest albums right now include Adele’s 25, Justin Bieber’s Purpose, and Michael Buble’s Christmas. Better yet, burn a personalized mix of songs onto a blank CD for a sentimental, more personal present. [Target is having a deal: a $5 gift card when you purchase 2 select CDs, including Meghan Trainor’s ‘Title’ and Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’]

Sweaters: Sweaters are comfy and timeless. This is a gift you can find at most clothing shops, and if you’re on a budget, a decent thrift shop will get you a rare beauty with a reasonable prize.

Hats: Funky, cute beanies and other headwear would be great gifts as well. [sweaters and hats are gifts that could work for all genders]

Chocolate: A box of chocolate can make anyone’s day (unless they’re allergic, so be sure to check). There is always the one person in your friend group who is obsessed with chocolate, and even if they aren’t downright obsessed, chocolate is exactly what they need to get in a festive mood. Many companies, such as Ghirardelli, have special seasonal flavors, such as peppermint bark (a personal favorite!). To avoid getting your friend a fun flavor that they end up hating, try going for a box with variety, so they can taste many different combos—they’re bound to love some of them at least. [It’s fun to play guess-­the­-chocolate­-flavor!]

Mugs: Mugs with deep (or funny) quotes and funky patterns are the way to go! Even if the prospects of snow in NYC are not promising, there’s bound to be cold weather (some days!). There’s nothing like sitting down for cup of hot chocolate with your loved ones. [Stick in a candy cane while it’s hot and stir it for a bit if you want a delicious peppermint­-y taste]

Bookmarks: Cute Harry Potter house bookmarks bought from your local Barnes and Noble could make your booknerd friend get over­-emotional. There are lots of different types of bookmarks, and most bookstores have lots of varieties to choose from. [It would help to know what some of your friend’s favorite fandoms are]

Fandom Merchandise: That said, if you have a friend who’s nose­-deep in the fandom (they probably have a secret Tumblr blog), they would appreciate new fandom merch to add to their ever­-growing collection. [Hot topic recently released a new Doctor Who clothing line—20% off for limited time, online only]

DIY crafts: DIY presents are very personal, and are not ideas to stray away from. They’re fun to make, and you can make them right at home provided you have the materials. There are many gifts you can make with a quick Google search. Be sure to prep, so you don’t fall too short on time. [Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitian, and teen magazines are a great place to look for crafts]

Gift Cards: Of course, if you can fall back on gift card, if all else fails. If you know a store they particularly like, get them a gift card for that. If you aren’t quite sure, to be safe, get them a simple Visa Giftcard.

Getting gifts are simpler than you think. Most people are simply thankful if you thought of them, and would graciously accept any gift from you, no matter the size. Just don’t over think it, and be sure to write them a thoughtful card.


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