Club Spotlight: Model UN Team Wins Big at BardMUNC

Karim Essafi, ‘16

The BHSEC Model United Nations team had a fantastic start to the conference season at the Bard Model United Nations Conference (BardMUNC). On November 14, 15 BHSEC students attended BardMUNC, the first conference of the year in Annandale­-on­-Hudson, New York. The conference, hosted by Bard College, consisted of 4 committees and over 100 delegates from Bard­-affiliated High Schools and the neighboring area.The team won Best Delegation, the most coveted award of the conference, which recognizes the team that performs the best as a whole.

Several exceptional students from BHSEC walked away with awards from their committees. A committee consists of a set of delegates who represent either people or a country that are tasked with discussing a specific topic determined beforehand. Personal beliefs are put aside as delegates are required to represent the ideas and beliefs of their assigned person or country.

Sophomore Maya Rubin, representing general Senjuro Hayashi, won Best Delegate in the 1931: Kwantung Army Cabinet committee, debating East Asian geopolitics on the eve of the second World War. Theo Spohngellert and Eli Frankel, sophomores representing the United Arab Emirates, won Best Delegate in the General Assembly committee, which addressed the safety of journalists in foreign nations. Freshman Hanna Dobroszycki won Outstanding Delegate and the award for Best Position Paper as the representative of Poland to the European Union, which addressed the migrant crisis. Sophomores Chris Stauffer and Oliver Tockman won an Honorable Mention in the General Assembly. Other notable students include Liana Van Nostrand, Y2, who was the chairperson of the General Assembly, Max Neuman, Y2, who was the chairperson of the 1931: Kwantung Army Cabinet committee, and Rebecca Weinberg, Y2, who was the moderator of the General Assembly.

Liana Van Nostrand, secretary general of the team, said she “was incredibly proud of all of the delegates at BardMUNC” and has confidence that “the team will continue to be just as successful and have just as much fun as our conference season continues.” Looking forward, the team’s next conference will be the Ivy League Model United Nations Conference, held from January 28 to January 31 in Philadelphia, and organized by the University of Pennsylvania’s International Affairs Association.

The Model United Nations team holds meetings on Wednesdays at 3:20 P.M in room 306. The secretariat can be reached at


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