Teacherisms: A Year in Review

Compiled by Isaiah Back-Gaal, ’15

“Tupac’s still alive. He’s living in the deserts of Arizona.” — Dr. Chaterpaul

“My name isn’t ‘Dude.’ It’s Ms. Schultz. How dare you.” — Ms. Schultz

“Practice doesn’t make perfect…..perfect practice makes perfect.” — Mr. Gagstetter

“It’s almost Halloween, and you see all these people walking around in skeleton costumes. Well, that’s what the inside of your body looks like.” — Mr. McVeigh

“Safety is important, but not as important as looking good.” — Mr. Casey

“Ugh, I hate the word ‘feel.’ You should have no feelings.” — Dr. Kouklanakis

“If you’re not good at Latin, then just be good at Latin.” — Dr. Kouklanakis

“You all listen to me… I am your overlord.” — Ms. Burleigh

“The one thing I really like about teaching oscillations is that I get to express myself through interpretative dance.” — Dr. Cooper

“I used to go on the Year 1 trip…until I found prom.” — Mr. Rubenstein


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