Weekly Update from BHSEC

Io Brooks, ’15

Dear Students and Parents,

I’ll keep the weekly update short today because I’m about to run to this week’s ZUMBA! class, where students and faculty alike shake it until they make it (or just look incredibly awkward), but we’ve had a great week here at BHSEC. For starters, the BHSEC Ultimate Frisbee Team took home a real win this week, placing 4th in the state championships! Congratulations to all the hardworking Bardbarians who made this possible! Speaking of totally legitimate sports, did I mention that BHSEC offers free ZUMBA! classes for all grades? Everyone should come and try them out!

In other news, we were excited to hear that BHSEC students won a total of 358 Scholastic Awards this year, a definite boost from last year’s wins. Our students work very hard to make these pieces of art and we truly value that. Did you know that many people consider ZUMBA! an art form, too?

Y1s and Y2s, the College Advisors have asked me to remind you all to update Naviance with your tentative college list, your resume of activities, what you’re looking for in a college, your hobbies, the names of any significant others you’ve ever had, your potential major, your biggest fear, the name of your second born child, and a detailed (dated) summary of what you plan to do with the rest of your life (please include site of burial!). Obviously, failure to update Naviance may prevent you from graduating. While the college process can be stressful, remember that BHSEC offers ZUMBA! classes, which are fantastic stress relievers. So, before you implode, just come to ZUMBA! already.

Finally, a note from our PTA: the Parent-Teacher Association of BHSEC would like to ask that all BHSEC students attend ZUMBA! class this Tuesday. Remember, come to ZUMBA!

Have a nice weekend (it would be nicer if you came to ZUMBA!),

Ms. Turitz / Dr. Lerner



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