Sugar Sweet Sunshine’s Newest Creation: The Dumpludding

Madison Fernandez, ’17

The basic diet of a BHSEC student consists of life’s two necessities: pudding and dumplings. While these two staples are great on their own, they have a star-crossed-lover type of bond. They are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Do you want something salty or sweet? Are you going for a cheap meal or treating yourself? Do you care about the fact that one of these things may give you severe indigestion? Luckily for your inquisitive mind/stomach, Sugar Sweet Sunshine has the answer for you: the Dumpludding.

Sugar Sweet’s newest creation is vanilla pudding with a soy sauce swirl, topped off with chunks of pork dumpling. “We’re really excited for you guys to try this,” said one cashier.

The birth of this creation took place in the midst of a fight of the senses. “We’ve had to cut down on dumpling consumption in the bakery because the smell was so conflicting. We’ve had customers leave because they were complaining. One girl ran out in the middle of me giving her change, saying something about her nose being confused. Who knew noses could be confused?” At this point, the bakery turned to signs featuring dumplings with mean faces, emblazoned with a harsh X over it. However, it didn’t stop the dumpling scent from rolling in. “Why can’t you all be obsessed with matzo?” asked another cashier in dismay.

While contemplating finding new real estate, Sugar Sweet realized that rather than fighting or running away, they would rather feed the confusion. “One day, the smell was just terrible, worst than most days,” said one of the head bakers. “I had just baked a new batch of cupcakes, and I had to throw them away because they tasted salty!” The logical idea in this situation may have been to use the problem you have to solve the problem, and in this case, make dumpling cupcakes. “That would have been too obvious,” he continued, “baking is an art.” Thus, The Dumpludding was born. “I wanted to appeal to our customers.”

And appeal they did. “It’s so conflicting but it just makes so much sense!” exclaimed a customer. “It’s like dipping pizza crust in soda, or fries in your shake,” shared another.

To celebrate the new flavor, the bakery has also added two new pudding sizes, The Grail and The Cavity. The Grail, which is the size of a travel coffee mug, runs for $15.50, while The Cavity is an astounding 0.5 ounces, and costs $1.75.

Surely this soon-to-be-a-hit flavor can’t come without consequences. “We’re kind of running out of room in the display case,” explained the cashier, “and we don’t want The Dumpludding interfering with the flavors of our other items.” By the end of the month, Sugar Sweet may need to eliminate either The Nog, Chocolate Bomb, or both.

As for Prosperity Dumplings down the block, they have no comment on this matter.

Sugar Sweet has gotten rid of their old cupcake mascot and turned the mean dumpling into a smiling one. Make sure you try the new Dumpludding at the bakery before it sells out. As their new slogan says, “Join the sweet dumpling craze!”


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