Rico, Former Face of the Blue Truck, Hired as Food Studies and Entrepreneurship Professor

Danya Levy, ’15

Students peeking into the History office this month may have spotted a fresh face among our Social Studies professors. Rico, former owner and employee of the omnipresent Blue Truck, a vehicle that sold snacks and hot food, has been hired onto the BHSEC staff. Thanks to Rico, two new classes have been added to the early college curriculum: “Fast Food Politics” and “Mobile Food Entrepreneurship”.

“Rico just really seemed like an ideal fit for our school,” commented BHSEC principal Dr. Lerner. “He is already known and loved by our students, which makes for an easy transition. And his practical knowledge in the field is unparalleled.”

Other professors concurred. Teachers from departments as wide-ranging as science and foreign language expressed their interest in the classes Rico is offering. “The practical knowledge Rico can impart upon our students really is crucial,” remarked a Latin teacher. A chemistry teacher added, “I wish I could take his class! He has the ability to make food chemistry fun and relevant for our students in an amazing way.”

Welcome, Rico!


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