BHSEC Students’ Purchases Comprise 100% of MUJI Sales

Grace Wan, ‘18

Widely acclaimed for their quality, MUJI products have established themselves as a staple in the BHSEC community. Love for MUJI can be heard in the excited gasp of a student who, borrowing a friend’s pen, experiences the magic for the first time. MUJI notebooks, pencils, stationery – you name it, and BHSEC students have it. In fact, they have all of it.

Every commodity stocked by MUJI in the past month has been purchased almost exclusively by the BHSEC community. “MUJI sales have risen exponentially since these high school students started coming in. At this rate, we expect a 27 percent increase in total profit by the end of the year,” commented marketing employee Mu Ji.

In a survey of the BHSEC student population, 83 percent of students answered that they make a daily trip to MUJI. For these students, their love of MUJI pens and notebooks is so great that they simply must restock every day. As for apparel, 11 percent of students make the daily trip, with right-angle socks being their most purchased items. 51 percent reported that their purpose is to graffiti the stamp books offered at the front of the stores and soon fall victim to the lure of a mini shopping spree composed of 3-D puzzles and magnet trees. 16 percent of the BHSEC student population stated that they did not have the time to go on a daily basis; rather, they frequent the stores weekly. “I try to go whenever I have a free period. MUJI products are all that I use,” proclaimed Penny Sill, a tenth grader.
BHSEC’s sheer power in purchasing MUJI products has its consequences. A number of locations have reported being completely out of stock both online and in stores. Of course, since BHSEC students are MUJI’s main customers, intense rivalries have developed among peers. The usual excuse “I’ll give you your pen back tomorrow” has come to mean that the lender will, in fact, not get their pen back tomorrow. “We’re doing our best to keep up with the demand, but the passion these students have for our business is simply overwhelming. They’re buying our holiday items in the middle of February,” Ji stated. “Some of my colleagues have told me that they see familiar faces every day.”

MUJI’s selection of apparel allows BHSEC students to dress head to toe in MUJI scarves, shirts, shoes, and even socks. Coupled with pens and notebooks for schoolwork as well as home goods – with something from a newly released snack line as a midday treat – it’s no wonder the stamp station at the  Times Square MUJI location boasts “BHSEC” and the names of BHSEC students in a number of its books. Like Rico’s food truck, MUJI has ingrained itself into the traditions of BHSEC.


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