Let’s Exchange Thoughts

Tristan Hickey ‘16 & Liana Van Nostrand ‘16

Welcome to BHSEC’s “Let’s Exchange Thoughts,” a monthly column written by T. Hickey and L. Van Nostrand. “Let’s Exchange Thoughts” is a time-honored Bardvark tradition, revived by yours truly this year. T. Hickey and L. Van Nostrand will be answering your questions all year! Submitting questions is easier than applying to college, being quiet during silent periods, and remembering to turn in assignments on turnitin.com, so they hope everyone will get the chance to exchange thoughts with them! Your questions can be quirky, funny, serious or even slightly inappropriate.

If you crossed Mr. McVeigh with Ms. Schultz what would the product be?

Eminem in downward-facing dog.

Why do BHSEC students love plaid?

Obviously our obsession with plaid derives from our incessant craving to lumberjacks. It is an expression of our collective id’s desire #PlaidOrDie. Furthermore, is our school really in love with plaid? T. Hickey and L. Van Nostrand are not completely convinced. Also, why is “plaid” spelled p-l-a-i-d when it’s pronounced “plad”? Think about it.

Why drink coffee when you can drink ICED coffee?

Why be cold when you can be not cold?

Do you got a bae or NAH?

“Nah-ah-ah” – Beyoncé.

What colleges will you guys attend? Why? Do you think you have the potential to be accepted?

Having finally started CTO Advisory, T. Hickey and L. Van Nostrand have realized what a crushing and excruciatingly painful endeavor the college process is. T. Hickey and L. Van Nostrand are weary of answering this question because too often people assess their own and others’ worth and intelligence based on which colleges they apply to and get in to. T. Hickey and L. Van Nostrand humbly request that everyone respects one another’s individuality and is not competitive with or judgmental of their peers. You have just got to do your own thing and all the haters need to back off. That being said, T. Hickey and L. Van Nostrand will be applying to Harvard, Yale, and Princeton… and yes, they will be accepted to all of them.


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