New Club Feature: The Science Fiction Appreciation Club

Sierra Block Gorman, ’16

Most people at BHSEC don’t know that the Science Fiction Appreciation Club exists — though, to be fair, it didn’t until this semester. The brand-new creation of Y1s Eva Vignola, Rhys Manley, JoJo Rhinehart-Jones and Dylan Granger, the Sci Fi club is a blend of all things science fiction, drawing from movies, TV shows, books and comics.

The average meeting of the Sci Fi Club consists of watching an episode of a popular science fiction show, playing science fiction trivia, or chatting about the big ethical issues of our age, like whether robots have rights. The Sci Fi Club is quirky, has a relaxed feel, and is welcoming to those who just want to drop by and check it out.

Though small, this club has already sparked a rivalry with the Anime Club, since anime fans and science fiction fans apparently have a lot of overlap. In addition, both share love of Oreos at meetings or a passion for witty banter. A member of Anime Club commented, “It’s not that great.” The self-described “Dictator of Anime Club” Martin Andreev (’16) wishes Sci Fi club “the best of luck, since they’re so new to the club business, and we’ve been around for a while.”

The co-leaders of Sci Fi club agreed to a short interview. When asked to describe the club’s origins, Year 1 student Dylan Granger recounted, “Eva came up to me one day in Bio Lab and said, let’s make a science fiction club, with Doctor Who and Star Wars and stuff. We spent the next three periods figuring out all the details. It was a very productive lab.”

Eva told a slightly different story: “It started out as a joke. I was chatting it up with Dylan and Rhys, they were like, let’s start a Magic: The Gathering club, and I was like, lol no, let’s make a Sci Fi club.” “Such a majestic origin story,” Rhys Manley comments. When questioned about the club’s position on sword fighting, Dylan replied, “Well, we haven’t broken anything yet.” Whether or not he was joking remains unclear.

Regardless, the Sci Fi club has been very successful so far. The club’s members have watched episodes of Futurama and caught the tribble episode of Star Trek. Members speak of plans to watch Doctor Who, Star Wars, and Firefly in the near future.

The Sci Fi Club would like to invite anyone interested to drop in every Tuesday at around 3:30 in room 311, as they are always looking for new members. In the words of Y1 Jojo Rhinehart-Jones, “Sci Fi is a broad genre that can appeal to many people. You don’t have to consider yourself a dork, but it helps.”


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