Let’s Exchange Thoughts

Tristan Hickey, ‘16 and Liana Van Nostrand, ‘16

Welcome to BHSEC’s “Let’s Exchange Thoughts”, a monthly column by T. Hickey and L. Van Nostrand. “Let’s Exchange Thoughts” is a time-honored Bardvark tradition, revived by yours truly this year. T. Hickey and L. Van Nostrand will be answering your questions all year! Submitting questions is easier than applying to college, being quiet during silent periods, and remembering to turn in assignments on turnitin.com, so they hope everyone will get the chance to exchange thoughts with them! Your questions can be quirky, funny, serious or even slightly inappropriate.

Why can’t we eat in the yard if there are garbage cans and teacher monitors?

Hickey says, “Lol, the cage has teacher monitors?” L. Van Nostrand says, “Sometimes we just can’t have nice things.”

Where does Ms. Schultz get her yoga music?

Hickey and L. Van Nostrand imagine that Ms. Schultz spends the early hours of each morning creating playlists on Spotify, choosing only the most obscure, unique gems to be featured in her renowned playlist.  Ms. Schultz prides herself on her diverse selection of music. From “All Of Me” by John Legend, to “Seasons Of Love” from Rent, to a bunch of artsy songs T. Hickey and L. Van Nostrand are not #blessed enough to know, you can always count on Ms. Schultz’s yoga playlist to brighten your day.

What would Dr. Chaterpaul name his children?

He would definitely name his cat “Cation.” As for children — they’ll get back to you.

Is it immoral to just take the puzzle page of the AM New York? (note: conserves paper)

While your justification “saves paper” is a good point, and T. Hickey and L. Van Nostrand congratulate you for your commitment to the environment, they conclude is it in fact immoral to take just that one page. L. Van Nostrand reasons that many people may take the paper for just the crossword. Without any notice that a particular copy is missing that vital section, an unknowing person may discover their paper lacks a puzzle page after it is too late and lose a cherished part of their day. Just as you seem to be a puzzle enthusiast, others may be as well.

I have a HUGE crush on a guy, but I don’t want to ask him to prom but I doubt he’ll ask me. What should I do?

Given that prom is not until the end of next semester, T. Hickey and L. Van Nostrand think you should wait it out a bit. Maybe your lover will come rushing into your arms come June 2015. If not, T. Hickey and L. Van Nostrand think you should just go for it and ask him! If it doesn’t work out for you, just know that T. Hickey does not have a prom date yet, and would love to go with you.


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