BHSEC Students Win at BardMUNC

Madeleine Northfield, ’17

Though an early morning start didn’t sit well with some delegates, the Bard Model United Nation Conference (BardMUNC) got off to a fantastic start. On November 15th, eleven BHSEC students attended BardMUNC, the first conference of the year in Rhinecliff, upstate New York.

The conference, run by Bard College (or more commonly known as “Big Bard”) consisted of three 3 committees and close to 100 delegates from around the area and other Bard-affiliated high schools. For people unfamiliar with MUN terms, the three committees were different groups of delegates representing either people or countries and addressing specific, pre-decided topics based on the general committee idea.

Delegates had to accurately represent the ideas and beliefs of that person or country regardless of their own personal beliefs. At this particular conference, some of the topics discussed included the water crisis in the Middle East and how to bring a “brighter future” to the people of Egypt through a new constitution.

After almost 8 hours of hard work, the BHSEC team walked away with a number of awards. Sophomores Madeline Northfield and Kira Carleton won Best Delegate in the General Assembly Committee, Y1 Finn Clark won Best Delegate in the British Peace Summit of 1914, and Y1 Max Neuman won Outstanding Delegate in the Egyptian Constitutional Committee of 2013.

On December 13th, the BHSEC team participated in an inner-school conference on the topic of journalists’ safety in foreign nations. There are a number of conferences on the horizon. BHSEC students will be attending ILMUNC, the first of two major overnight conferences, at the University of Pennsylvania in late January. After a terrific season last year, the team hopes to continue to grow and maintain their status as one of the top teams in the city. Meetings are held at 3:20 PM on Wednesdays, and our secretariat can be reached at


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