Meet the Editors!

Eliza Fawcett, ’15


In her youth, Eliza enjoyed a long and productive stint as a Roman gladiator. Though times have changed, she summons her old skills when it’s 8:45 and no one is letting her on the F train. Eliza likes cantaloupe and Frank O’Hara. She is very excited to be running the Bardvark again this year!

Io Brooks, ’15

Layout Editor

Io loves laughing hysterically, talking a lot, baking cookies, free stuff, tie-dying parties, classic television, holidays that involve food and gifts, making stickers, and—duh—The Bardvark! She’s super excited to do layout again this year, and looks forward to making all sorts of fun lines and text-boxes and generally reigning as the Bardvark’s layout guru.

Danya Levy, ’15

Op-Ed Editor

[A Haiku]

Danya Levy is

a person with curly hair

she is Russian spy

Liana Van Nostrand, ’16

News Editor

During her frees, you can often find Liana in the library tutoring, chatting with Ms. Walk, or just procrastinating. At home, Liana enjoys watching The West Wing, reading The New York Times, or just procrastinating. In the future she hopes to live abroad and stop procrastinating.

Everett Pelzman, ’15

News Editor

Instead of using this Additional Information section on the Common App to expand on my Activities, I’d like to take this opportunity to quote Michael Schmidt, in his new novel, The Novel: A Biography (which I highly recommend!).

“The modern storyteller is ‘self-conscious,’ not ‘natural,’ to use Woolf’s distinction. It is impossible to be ‘natural’: the authoritative voice that spoke to the reader is no longer tenable, and if novelists need such narrators, they must contrive them. Writers and readers fell from grace long ago.”

Riley Pearsall, ’15

Arts Editor

The Russian mafia found Riley Pearsall last year, but he didn’t need all those fingers anyway. He’s been the Arts Editor for the past three years, so you know he’s fancy; he also writes the Bardvark’s “fake news” articles, which are true in a metaphorical sense but didn’t actually happen, so don’t believe everything you read. In addition to these sacred duties, Riley is the co-leader of Anime Club, which is totally awesome and something that he would never dream of plugging in his bio for a completely unrelated club. If you think you’re funny, try writing a humor article for him—if you’re actually funny, definitely write one!

Ayla Safran, ’15

Photo Editor

Ayla loves sleeping, reading, eating (especially chocolate), drinking tea, relaxing, and most of all, taking photos. She is excited to be the Bardvark’s photo editor once again this year, and can’t wait for the year of great issues to come!


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