Lucy Movie Review: Prepare To Have Your Mind Blown

Cindy Zhao, ‘18

Lucy is the most disturbing yet mind-blowing piece of crap you will ever see. This 89-minute film currently has a disappointing but expected rating of 6.5 stars out of 10. This rating may scare some, but to those who are ready to have their mind blown, this is the movie for you. This action-packed science fiction film takes place in the year 2014. Unlike other science fiction films like Divergent or The Hunger Games, Lucy is not about a dystopian society.

Basically, Lucy starts off with a Japanese exchange student named, well Lucy (Scarlett Johansson), who has had a bag of drugs illegally put into her abdomen without her consent. Yes, a full bag of drugs put into her stomach without her permission. For those who can’t handle the graphics, do not watch Lucy, because this movie will mentally scar you. For those who can’t grasp the reality that this happens every day and all over the world, do not watch this. For those who insist to watch the film, prepare to cringe yourself to sleep that night.

The concept of the film is pretty fascinating. An everyday random person gets a bag of drugs planted in her stomach. When the bag breaks inside of her, and the drugs turn out to contain a deadly superpower ingredient, she experiences what no other person has experienced before…

Lucy not only deals with the present, but with actual proven science. And unlike a lot of the science fiction films that are set in the present day, the main character is actually a female. GO GIRL POWER! But there is definitely something wrong about Lucy’s ability to charm literally every guy she meets just because she is hot and smart at the same time.

What makes this concept stand out from others is that it can really happen, especially with today’s technology. There is actual scientific evidence to back up a lot of what happens in this movie, even though there are some logical jumps and unrealistic parts. For example, why does Lucy seem to be able to change gravity? The drug allows her to gain total control of her brain, but gravity is not something the brain can control.

In the film, the drug that takes over Lucy is called “CPH4.” In an interview with, Luc Besson, the director and writer of Lucy, said that CPH4 is actually a fake name for a natural molecule that pregnant women produce “after six weeks of pregnancy in very, very tiny quantities.” Besson said that “it’s totally real, and it’s true that the power of this product for a baby is the power of an atomic bomb.”

Watch it, love it, and hate it. Those who are up for it should definitely see Lucy. It will literally blow your mind knowing that this stuff exists, and the ending will bring as much confusion as the Fault in Our Stars brought tears. Just kidding, but it all depends on personal preference. There is romance, goriness, action, everything that the perfect movie needs. Blood is spilled, kisses are kissed, and hands are reached into the stomachs of conscious people. Gross, right?


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