What to Wear This Summer

Joseph Vella, ‘16

So it’s about that time of the year where we must bid farewell to our favorite oversized grandpa sweaters and welcome the new season with T-shirts and shorts galore. But how do we stay true to fashion during the sweltering New York summer when we’d rather wear no clothing at all?

For starters, fringe is all the rage for summer 2014. You might consider elevating your style by adorning your outfit with a leather-fringed Valentino tote bag or clutch. Want to combine two huge trends in one accessory? Go for an easy Gucci suede fringed backpack. Yes, backpacks for the modern man or woman stormed the runways of Paris Fashion Week during the spring/summer 2014 shows in September.

Want to add a popular color story to really stand out among all those fashionista New Yorkers? Go for all shades of blue and red, or an optic white. Perhaps go for some contrast through a sharp use of black and white with a classic cowhide Célinebag. Or if you’re the kind of person who likes to find a middle ground, accessorize with the same bag in gray. If you really want to stand out, throw on some metallic gold Manolo Blahnik pumps for an outfit that will truly pop.

Tempted to wear open-toed shoes on those ninety degree days but afraid to look like a hippie? Have no fear, lace-up sandals are here! Yeah, you heard me. Anyone who’s anyone is wearing this Romanesque footwear. Girls, be sure to swing by Barney’s for a pair of Balenciaga gladiator flats or heels. Consider pairing your gladiators with a simple shift or a micro-pleated skirt (yes, pleats are back). Guys, do yourselves a favor and drop by Madison Ave. to find the latest pair of Givenchy Viktor Sandals. Consider pairing your new Givenchy with cropped shorts for a modern take on classic summerwear.

Ever wanted to wear sweatpants but too afraid of looking like a bum? Well, you’re in luck because they’re the latest fad. Yes, I repeat, sweatpants are now fashionable (for guys at least). Athletic-inspired looks are everything this season; however, do not get carried way with this and embarrass yourself by wearing your gym clothes in public. Elevate this stylish twist on fitness attire by snagging a pair Sandro cuffed sweatpants and street-chic Saint Laurent leather high-top sneakers.

If you’re really feeling adventurous don’t be afraid to try out mesh; it’s not only the perfect way to stay cool on those hot summer days, but done correctly is the perfect compliment to this tricky trend. Try out a Dries Van Noten mesh knit polo sweater, available at select Bergdorf Goodman department stores.

Want to pair the top with a newly popular accessory? Then don’t leave your vintage Christian Dior sunglasses at home if you want to exhibit that retro-inspired subtlety.

What else stalked the runways at Paris Fashion Week you ask? Tribal patterns on tribal patterns on tribal patterns. The beauty of this wave is that anyone can pull it off. Simply check Valentino for their latest collections of chic jumpsuits and mid-length dresses. Speaking of one of the greatest Italian couturiers to exist, patriots get to show off their modish side because Valentino’s use of camouflage can’t be tamed. Find this print dispersed among all articles of clothing in the men’s section at one of his flagship stores.

Feel like getting in touch with nature during your time off from school? Experience the insect-inspired couture found in various shapes and patterns within Jean Paul Gaultier’s spring/summer collection conform to your body as you bask in the richness of his beautifully manipulated silk satin dresses.

At this point, if you’re wondering what happened to the classic spring/summer customs, don’t worry! High fashion has not totally smothered tradition. Floral prints and pastels are infinite trends that shall dominate couture for generations of both men and women to come.

To sum it all up, as far as accessorizing goes, stick to backpacks, fringe, gold metallic and vintage as best you can; walk a few miles in an ancient Roman’s shoes; slip into some comfortable sporty streetwear; don’t be afraid to display your ethnic roots, love for Mother Earth, or militaristic side with tribal patterns, insect-inspired outfits, and camouflage; of course do not do away with the custom of spring/summer floral patterns; and stay true to color stories such as various shades of blue, red, white or black (or both), gray, and pastels. Bear these trends in mind at all times and you’ll be on your way to making Vanity Fair’s coveted best-dressed list.


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