Reflection on Community Day

Leila Eliot, ’16

Another Community Day has come and gone. This year, students spent half the day with their advisories and then went into their Writing and Thinking groups from the beginning of the year. The Student Union once again planned a successful day. Everyone did an amazing job cleaning and making our school look great. Ms. Walk, one of the co-Student Union supervisors, was extremely pleased with the outcome of the day. She had special praise for the chalkboards that continue to look amazing year after year. “We really appreciate the way kids help out around the school, it makes the school look much nicer,” she said. “I am always amazed at the students’ creativity on the chalkboards.”

In their Writing and Thinking groups, underclassmen got a chance to talk to the upperclassmen about the College Program. The upperclassmen were open and informal, and the advice they offered was extremely beneficial to the underclassmen. It was a perfect way to start wrapping up the year.

Slowly and steadily, Writing and Thinking groups were led downstairs and into the courtyard where a potluck awaited them. The success of the potluck was due to Carol Turitz, the cafeteria staff, and all of you who brought in food. This year the student body really stepped up and everyone was able to get plenty of lunch and dessert. The potluck was overall extremely successful.

Thanks to the Student Union, the afternoon games were well-planned and fun. Even towards the end of the day, the activities remained engaging and interesting.

Each grade did their part in making Community Day the best it could be: a huge number of people wore their grade color, and our school spirit really shone through. Ms. Stemmer even said that attendance was at an all-time high!

Next year the idea is to create two half-Community Days. The first day would be in the fall, in an attempt to contribute to the community surrounding our school. The second day would take place during the spring and would consist of simply cleaning the school as usual.

The effort that the Student Union and their supervisors put into this day was really apparent, and made the day a very positive experience. Even though there was work to be done for classes and projects to complete, students, teachers, and staff members were able to take a day off to appreciate the special community we have here at BHSEC.


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