BHSEC Spring Sports Recap

Ben Pickman, ’15

Sometimes success cannot be measured in wins and losses. Take the movie Hoosiers, for example. Coach Norman Dale, played by Gene Hackman, leads a small-town Indiana basketball team to a state championship. Dale motivates his team by making it clear to his players that it doesn’t matter what people outside of the team think. What does matter is what each player thinks of each other. “If you put your effort and concentration into playing to your potential, to be the best that you can be, I don’t care what the scoreboard says,” Coach Dale says. “At the end of the game, in my book, we’re gonna be winners.”

This famous line can easily be applied to the BHSEC spring sports teams. Though neither tennis team made deep playoff runs, both teams made great strides in a positive direction and look poised to be much improved next season. The boys tennis team struggled in Division A, getting overpowered by many of their opponents. Y2 singles player Gabe Stein noted that even though the team’s record was less then stellar, each player improved and had the right attitude. “This year, the story of BHSEC’s boys tennis team was one of love and encouragement. Though we struggled putting together a winning match, this season was filled with love for the game, our teammates and whatever we encountered along our journey. We worked hard, had fun and pursued tennis.” The boys team was faced with treacherous weather all season, playing two matches in pouring rain, two matches in freezing-cold 25 degree weather, and one match in Chicago-esque windy conditions. Sophomore Sandro Hall said of the difficult weather conditions, “it’s like we played all of our matches in Wisconsin, not New York.” Special congratulations to Y2 Peter Sills, who has played first singled all four years of high school and will likely continue his tennis career at Bard College next year.

The girls tennis team built on last season’s success, winning one more match than last season. The girls team, led by Y1s Miranda Egan-Brooks and Maxine Whitney, fared quite well against the best tennis teams in the city. In the playoffs, the Lady Raptors defeated Susan E. Wagner before losing to Tottenville High School, three matches to two. Two of the three matches that they lost came as a result of tiebreakers as a pro-set to 10 games did not determine a winner. Y1 Sophie Houser said of the team, “We have a lot of fun together, win or lose. I always had so much fun at practice and traveling to the games. Our friendship on and off the court is what really separates this team from others in the league.”

The other spring team that fared quite well was the BHSEC track and field team. The co-ed team is by far the biggest team at the school, and is one of the most competitive as well. “BHSEC’s track and field team just exudes good vibes. The sense of camaraderie, regardless of age or sex remains a most remarkable part of the team,” Y2 captain Sam Gilbert said. “That is not to say we don’t also run a lot. This year we brought home a number of medals,” he added. Y2 Rayna Holmes competed in the NYC City Championships in the long jump, and a number of other runners won medals.

This spring also saw the beginning of the Bard Baseball Club, a club that will hopefully become the next team at BHSEC. The club team, which met Wednesday mornings and Thursdays afterschool all spring competed both against themselves and other schools. The club defeated School of the Future’s Varsity 2-1 in a stellar performance by all. The club plans to continue in the fall and play more games in the future.


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