The BHSEC Winter Concert

Sierra Block Gorman, ’16

The BHSEC Winter Concert was a success once again this year, with a high turnout and a lot of great performances! The show was opened by the Step Team, who were met with a warm reception as per usual. Their powerful chanting, well-timed claps, stomps, playful banter and sound effects drew cheers from the crowd, and their routine was catchy and entertaining.

Next up were the College Ensemble Dancers, performing to the song “Team” by Lorde, and they were compellingly well coordinated and dynamic. Their routine was exciting and fun, catching the attention of students in the audience. Next up was Chorus, beginning with the song “Midnight,” which was slow and quiet, with a good balance of soprano and baritone. After that was “Lean On Me,” with solos by 10th graders Helena Abrams, Sarah Allen, Solidad Tejada and Len Kaupert. During the song, each student said something they were thankful for that someone did for them, lending a personal touch to the song. Next was “Think On Me,” featuring Y2 Thea Lang and Tejada. This song was written by Mary Queen of Scots, and is historically charged by the old fashioned language. They finished with “Christmas Time Is Here,” from A Charlie Brown Christmas, with Tejada as guest conductor. It gave a nostalgic, Christmas feeling to the atmosphere.

Following the Chorus’ performance was the Chamber ensemble, which began with “Allegro,” a well-played piece that included saxophone by Mr. Despommier. Next was “Lento,” a short, sweet and lilting song. Finally, they played “Playtune,” a faster, upbeat song that was appropriately playful.

Next up was half of the 10th Grade Dance Ensemble, dancing to a Jackson 5 song. It was a sunny performance with a lot of cute interactions and lifts, and at the end, one of the dancers threw his hat to the audience with a flourish, eliciting much excitement in the front rows.

After that was World Drumming, playing a Brazilian samba. This call and response style song was exuberant and focused, featuring a wide range of percussion. The World Drumming class then did a collaboration with the 10th grade Dance Ensemble, performing an exciting traditional African drumming song. As a whole, it was a good melding of dance and drum styles. Then, World Drumming collaborated with the College Dance Ensemble. They did African percussion with rhythmic dancing. The dancers were very in sync and coordinated. After that, the Rock Ensemble took the stage, all of them dressed in plaid. They were introduced by 10th grader Rhys Manley as “Radio Jed,” and proceeded to play “Space Oddity.” It had great vocals and an intricate guitar solo by Martin Andreev. Next the band was introduced as “The Grateful Jed,” and they played “Slide,” a slow, beautiful song with vocals by Y1 Brittany Suleiman and acoustic guitar by Joseph Dudley. Finally, they were introduced as “Jed Zeppelin” by Y2 Spencer Brownstein, who then commented, “It’s funny because our drummer’s name is Jed.” We were all sort of wondering about that. Spencer performed an original rap, “Blow Up,” a remix of “Where Is My Mind,” by the Pixies.

The College Dance Ensemble then performed to the song “Icebox.” They were experimenting with lights, and their expressive dance featured very creative use of chairs.             Finally, the Jazz Ensemble began with “C-Jam Blues,” a smooth, cool and well-executed song with 10th grader Rachel Frizell on piano.  Then, with Y1 Charlie Shine on piano and Y2 Rayna Holmes on vocals, “Here’s That Rainy Day,” was a slow, emotional, melancholic song.  The next song was “What Is This Thing Called Love?” It featured Y2 Keila Lopez doing vocals and 10th grader Jesse Jenkins on piano. It had a slow, wistful beginning, then broke into an energetic, jazzy tone. The last song was called “Doxy,” with Y1 Mo Tyler on piano. It had a groovy, mellow tone, and was a great finisher to a great show.

There was also an art exhibition down the hall. It featured drawings by the 9th Grade Introduction to Visual Art class that experiment with different styles. There were also drawings and paintings by the Intermediate Drawing class that explore light, shadow, texture and different mediums. The paintings by the College Painting class showed fantastic use of color in both realistic and stylistic portraits and still lifes. There were also photos from the Photography class that showed expressive use of light, focus and zoom. Overall, it was a great show.


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