Return of the Math Center

Madison Fernandez, ‘17

After much anticipation, the Math Center has made its way back into BHSEC. As of March 3rd, the Math Center returned as a space for students to work in study groups and receive help from upperclassmen, apart from regular tutoring sessions with teachers. After the hiatus of this space during the fall semester, BHSEC is ready to start rebuilding and improving its math support system.

The Math Center goes back to the birth of BHSEC. It was founded so that students could reach out for individualized help and form a deeper understanding of mathematics. The Math Center is based in the library, right across from the Writing Center. It is more accessible for students during their free periods and afterschool, when their teachers’ tutoring may be too crowded or unavailable.

“There is a wide spectrum of students [across] all grades coming for help,” explained Dr. Rosenbaum, who has previously aided the Math Center. However, the 9th grade is usually underrepresented, due to students’ apprehension about asking for assistance. This can be a problem, considering that the 9th grade math curriculum is notoriously difficult for some students. It is worth remembering that the Math Center is a resource for students to prevent confusion and people falling behind.

Although BHSEC didn’t have a concrete Math Center last semester, we did have some resources with us. Ms. Linnea LaMon, a BHSEC graduate, was available for a few weeks to aid students who were finding challenges in math approaching the end of the semester and finals week. During this time, many students found her helpful. Unfortunately, this was only temporary, but the Math Department and the Student Union have been working on establishing a permanent Math Center once again.

One difficulty that has arisen with the Math Center is staffing. The plan is to have students help their peers, but this can prove difficult due to curriculum changes over the years, especially from the new Common Core requirements. The upperclassmen need to readjust and in some cases, relearn topics in order to help other students. In addition, the Math Center is sometimes short-staffed. Currently, there are a number of students signed up to tutor. Sophomores and older can become tutors. For tutors in the college program, the Practicum Course teaches students how to aid others. This way, students deepen their understanding of concepts while also learning how to teach it to others.

The revived Math Center gives students the opportunity to strengthen their math skills and to foster a sense of community at BHSEC. Students from all grades are brought together to comprehend and solve problems.

If you are interested in becoming a tutor or would like more information, contact Mr. Noyes. The Math Center is open to all students who need help as the year continues on. Math is a tough subject for many students. But by taking advantage of the Math Center’s study groups and peer instruction, students can surely prosper.   


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