BHSEC’s Students’ Activities Center

Leila Eliot, ’16

Wandering from floor to floor, up and down each hallway in hope that you may find a classroom to study or talk in is never fun. Why not go to the Students’ Activities Center (SAC)? — a place where students can go when there are no free classrooms, where they can decompress, and get work done without the chatter of the library. The comfortable chairs arranged around a low coffee table are almost always empty. These padded chairs invite lounging, unlike the wooden chairs in the library or in classrooms. Yet there are almost never students in this alleged Students’ Activities Center. If the SAC was created for the sole purpose of aiding the students of BHSEC, then why are there rarely ever students there?

When BHSEC students were asked the last time they went to the SAC, most said something along the lines of “I’ve never been.” One student responded with, “What is that?  Wait, is it that thing in the corner of the building?” The idea that some students aren’t even aware of the existence of the SAC is appalling.  It should be actively open to the masses at BHSEC.  The more students feel the SAC is open for the use of the students, the more time will be spent actively supporting and using it.  But why should students remember a place in which they spend no time, unless they need to talk to a faculty member or it’s that one time of the year when they want to buy a candy gram? 

Half of the SAC is actually the office of Jenny Tibbles-Jordan, Pearl Marasigan, and Kristi Powell. The SAC does not even get an entire classroom. But the SAC is still great as long as you can eat your lunch and talk to your friends.  Who actually cares if Ms. Powell, Ms. Marasigan, and Professor Jordan are doing their work in the same room where you are spending your free period? Right? Well you can talk to your friends, as long as you are speaking in a whisper.  As for eating lunch, don’t even try it. There is no eating, and as stated before, no loud voices. 

There is one thing the SAC still has going for it: the coffee machine.  Ever since the Student Union bought this amazing coffee machine, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate have been available to the students at BHSEC for a dollar. Wait no, sorry; the coffee machine is indefinitely out of order. With the coffee machine no longer in service and the size of the space for students slowly decreasing, the drive to go to the SAC has plunged.

Without all of these rules the SAC could be buzzing with people, but with so many regulations, the SAC loses its appeal.  Students shouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable going to a classroom created for their use.  A SAC should be a place where you can listen to music, eat, and talk, rather than having to keep your voice down and find somewhere else to eat. Calling it a “Students’ Activities Center” is no longer a correct phrase considering it does not benefit the students.  The concept of a Student Activities Center is great – a place where students can hang out during free periods when it’s too cold or wet to go outside. The size of the classroom doesn’t matter as long as students have a relaxing space in the building for the students, controlled by the students.  If the Student Activities Center is truly going to be a space that serves the student body of BHSEC either the Activates Center or the offices need to be moved.


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