Lower “Eats” Side: Welcome Back!

Elena Perez, ’15 

Getting back into the swing of the BHSEC workload is no easy feat. Those summer days spent sleeping until four and watching seven consecutive hours of Netflix have been replaced with memorizing 21 stroke Chinese characters, organizing your chemistry binder and trying to finish that paper you did not read the book for. But fear not, you can still find ways to treat yo’self in the midst of the midterm madness. Put down your calculators and pens and take that one precious double free you have this week to explore the culinary splendors of the Lower East Side. If you’re willing to make the trek, there’s tons different restaurants to try.

Let’s start with the basics: this week’s Lower Eats Side will focus on all the restaurants you’ll pass walking down East Houston, away from school. Everyday, BHSEC students migrate to Adinah’s Farm, picking up strangely sticky sushi, toasty hot panini, or that very mediocre coffee you just need to get through your next class.

Not as well known is the deli just further down the block on the opposite side of the street. Essentially a cheaper Adinah’s whose name escapes me at the present time, it has all those toasty warm panini for marginally less!

Continuing down Houston you’ll pass Heaven’s Hot Bagels. The great thing about bagels is that they’re wonderfully cheap and delicious. The bagels here start at $1.50 but can go up in price depending on how sophisticated you want your bagel to be. If you suddenly realize you forgot to have breakfast, or again just feel the need to treat yourself with a morning snack, stop in for a bite.

Next up is one of my personal favorites: Gaia (but be careful not to pass it!). The sign is green and red and you need to go downstairs to enter (it’s right before that giant diner). Everything from the warm $5 panini to the lasagna, baked goods, and pizza every Monday is simply stellar. Not to mention that Gaia serves some of the best iced cappuccinos I have ever experienced. If you have a double free to yourself, there is no better place than Gaia to sit back, relax, and sip your latte. The food is great and the conversations between the woman running the café and her customers range from alien abduction to sardine sandwiches. Gaia is an absolute must for all BHSEC students.

Right next door is Remedy dinner. In stark contrast to Gaia, this dining experience is all about the plush seats and the absurdly large portions. It’s a great place to be loud and pig out with all your buddies. If you’re absolutely starving, I personally recommend the chocolate chip pancakes. You’ll be totally set for whatever the rest of the day throws at you with those in your tummy.

Now that we’ve got our entrees sorted out, it’s time for dessert. Walk two blocks further down Houston and you’ll come across Il Laboratorio del Gelato. This place can be pretty pricey, but the quality and exotic flavors of the gelato maintain its popularity. The honey lavender and the passion fruit gelatos are exquisite; however, a small is 4.25 so be cautious as to how many flavors you pile on. If gelatos aren’t your thing, or you’re still really hungry and want a large portion or delicious desert, there’s a Coldstone creamery less than a block away. If you give the employees a tip, they have to sing you a song, so you can jazz out to some sweet tunes while enjoying your one-pound ice cream. Walk down a few more blocks and wow, look at that, you’re at the 2nd Avenue F train station! You need to stop eating and go home. Until next time folks, and happy eating!


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