First Steps: Colleges Topping Y2’s Lists Right Now

Ifeoluwa Aiyelabowo, ’15

As we all know, the college application process is a very strenuous ordeal that many students all over the world go through. Students must take numerous standardized tests for college admissions, write tons of essays, go to interviews, and everything else in between. Students from all over the world may try to get into colleges that accept only a small percentage of freshman applicants, and all they can do is try their best and hope they are accepted into their dream schools. For BHSEC seniors of the class of 2013, these dream schools range from small liberal arts colleges like Vassar and Ursinus to enormous research universities like SUNY New Paltz and SUNY Purchase.

Many BHSEC seniors apply to the same, or similar, colleges. For example, many Y2s are applying to Wesleyan, Oberlin, Bard and Ithaca. Approximately fifty five percent of the colleges that seniors are applying to are liberal arts colleges.

Not many BHSEC seniors are applying to schools outside of the United States. About thirty five percent of the colleges that Y2s are applying to are colleges in New York State, and the rest are scattered across the country. About forty five percent of the colleges that seniors are applying to are public state universities, and fifty five percent of the colleges that seniors are applying to private universities.

BHSEC students are applying to a variety of colleges for a variety of reasons. Lily Maass, a senior, is considering applying to large universities. As she explained, “I’m looking at bigger schools… because I think a bigger school has more to offer me as a student.” She added that at larger schools, there is “a variety of kids on campus and social groups, and also so many opportunities for varied classes that one might not find at a smaller college. I also want to be on a big tradition college campus!” An anonymous senior is mainly considering large liberal arts colleges “because of their liberal arts education, which is something I value [since] it helps develop your mind in skills in a variety of areas that can be used in any field you choose to pursue.”

The desire for a liberal arts education is very strong among BHSEC seniors. A senior named Ryan Adler-Levine said that he was applying to Wesleyan early decision because of their strong liberal arts and sciences curricula, as well as “[Because] they’re also politically active, and it seems like a great community.” Another senior named Alex Cohen even said that his love for BHSEC was what pushed him to apply to schools like BHSEC. Mr. Cohen told us that he was applying to Reed because “I liked BHSEC and I think Reed is an institution with the same values as [BHSEC], although I think Reed students are more serious about academics from what I’ve seen.”

BHSEC seniors are also taking into consideration colleges with great arts programs like Oberlin and Ithaca. A senior named Perry Bleiberg is applying to a number of music conservatories because “they have strong liberal arts colleges as well as music conservatories, and I want to double major across [those] colleges.” Among BHSEC seniors, the desire to be accepted to good schools is strong. Now, the only question is: will they get in? 


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